Wesley’s Quadrilateral and the Corona Virus

Have you ever heard of Wesley’s Quadrilateral? I posted the image above to help understand it a bit. If you are unfamiliar, you’re not alone. This may be a new concept even for some with formal training. It is simple enough to understand. I will explain it below and try to help us understand how … Continue reading Wesley’s Quadrilateral and the Corona Virus

Don’t Forget to Slow Down

There can be a tendency to view holiness by our business. If we are busy learning, doing, serving, etc. then we are are just like Jesus. But, is this true? Or is this simply a "can do" attitude, a "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" focus that is then imported onto the Christian faith? Meditation, … Continue reading Don’t Forget to Slow Down

We Were Made For Relationship

It wasn’t good? In Genesis 2, we have strange language. We have repeated language in Genesis 1 about things being good, and then in Genesis 2:18, we have the phrase "it is not good." This change should give us pause. The difference between the language here and the language in the first chapter is profound. … Continue reading We Were Made For Relationship

Last Youth Group Lesson Before Corona

A Hope-Filled Kingdom Psalm 72 Youth Group - Spring 2020 We have discussed various types of Psalms so far. Some of them are clear because of their structure - like Lament and Praise Psalms, and others are distinguished because of their content - like wisdom and royal Psalms. Tonight we are going to look at … Continue reading Last Youth Group Lesson Before Corona

No, Your Pastor Didn’t Turn Into a TV Preacher

Things often don't go as planned. I wanted to have a blog to encourage people. To comfort and challenge them spiritually during this uncertain time. The plan was simple, write new posts, and use excerpts from old material. By doing it this way, I could push out a lot of content that had been researched … Continue reading No, Your Pastor Didn’t Turn Into a TV Preacher

They’re Watching

Ongoing Impact Just this morning, my son was watching cartoons. Something must have happened with a cat because he turned to me and said: "that's why you should never get a cat, right dad?" Full disclosure, we are not a cat family. My wife and daughter are both allergic, and even if they weren't, seriously, … Continue reading They’re Watching

Ways to Pray

Over the past several days, I have been posting, on social media, different ways that I am praying for those affected by COVID-19. I write them as I think about them, pray for the topic on the spot, and try to include each in my regular prayers. I will collect any additions here to serve … Continue reading Ways to Pray